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Social Justice

HIV exists at the center of many social justice issues. To end the epidemic in the South, we must work in coalition with other movements, with HIV as a central pivot point.

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Comprised of over 2.5 million private dollars, the Southern HIV Impact Fund is a coordinated approach among funders. It is a newly-established and pooled fund with a strategic focus on HIV in the U.S. South.

Leadership Development

The Southern HIV Impact Fund offers meaningful leadership development of Southerners who represent the HIV epidemic in the U.S. South, particularly those who are members of Black, Latinx, queer, and transgender communities.

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The South: A Proud Legacy of Social Justice Activism

The Deep South – with a strong legacy of social justice work focused on racial and gender equality – is well-positioned to address the intersecting barriers that fuel the South’s HIV epidemic, including poverty, inadequate education, persistent HIV stigma, racism, homophobia, and transphobia.

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The South is the epicenter of the U.S. HIV epidemic. Through a strong, and sustained response, the Southern HIV Fund seeks to end HIV, reduce health disparities in the South, provide unfettered access to care, and nurture a pipeline of local leadership to create catalytic and lasting change in the region.