WE ARE a collaborative of funders working to end the disproportionate impact of HIV in the U.S. South. We:

  • Increase collaboration across the U.S. South to end HIV and reduce health disparities.
  • Train and develop leaders in the region that reflect the epidemic.
  • Provide much-needed resources through technical assistance and grant-making.

WE BELIEVE working together with partners and communities across the region, we can leverage our collective strength and resilience to overcome gaps in access to health insurance and care, inadequate education, stigma, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia that make the South the epicenter of the domestic HIV epidemic.

WE ENVISION impactful and coordinated investment in communities where resources are most needed.

  • Unfettered access to HIV prevention and care for those living with HIV in the U.S. South.
  • A robust pipeline of leadership that is reflective of the HIV epidemic in the region.
  • Intersectional and sustainable social justice movements with HIV as a central pivot point.


  • Operating with transparency in grant-making.
  • Ensuring grantmaking is informed by and responsive to community needs.
  • Bringing an intersectional approach to movement-building and service delivery.
  • Building on the existing infrastructure and resilience inherent in Southern communities.
  • Offering user-friendly and flexible grant-making processes, accessible to a wide range of organizations and groups.
  • Taking risks and awarding innovation.
  • Bringing race, class and gender analyses to the grant-making process.

Meet our 37 funded partners