A Growing Response to a Growing Need

Growing New Partnerships

HIV does not exist in a vacuum. It exists at the intersection of many social justice issues. To end the epidemic, we work in coalition with social movements.

Growing New FUNDS

We do our part to provide much-needed financial resources specifically for the U.S. South from our fund of 2.5 million private dollars.

Growing Leadership

We train and develop leaders who represent the HIV epidemic in the U.S. South, particularly those who are members of Black, Latinx, queer, and transgender communities.

WHO We Are

Meet the Southern HIV Impact Fund Partners

The South: A Proud Legacy of Social Justice Activism

The Deep South – with a strong legacy of social justice work focused on racial and gender equality – is well-positioned to address the intersecting barriers that fuel the South’s HIV epidemic, including poverty, inadequate education, persistent HIV stigma, racism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Southern HIV Impact Fund provides grants to organizations to accelerate use of technology to end HIV in the South during COVID-19

AIDS United has provided cash grants up to $10,000 along with professional development and technical assistance to seven southern organizations to accelerate the use of technology to end HIV in the South. The funding is provided through iFORWARD: Equipping Organizations in the South through Technology to End the HIV Epidemic, a special project designed to address barriers southern organizations face in accessing appropriate technology to carry out their services and achieve their mission. (Learn more.)


From a grant provided by the Southern HIV Impact Fund, Game Changing Men spent the last year collecting data from more than 1,200 people who identify as transmasculine. AIDS United and Game Changing Men are proud to release “Changing the Game: Visibility of Trans Men in the South,” a groundbreaking survey of transmasculine communities in the South. View the report on the AIDS United website.

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The Southern HIV Impact Fund is a first-of-its-kind collaborative of diverse private and corporate donors. The Fund seeks to accelerate progress toward ending HIV and reducing health disparities in the U.S. South. www.southernfund.org