A growing response to a growing need

AIDS United, in partnership with Funders Concerned About AIDS, and with generous support from Gilead Sciences, Elton John AIDS Foundation, ViiV Healthcare, and Johnson & Johnson is pleased to announce the Southern HIV Impact Fund.

The U.S. South has an extremely disproportionate burden of HIV, compared with other regions in the country. Southerners are more likely to contract HIV and they are dying at higher rates of AIDS as well. Structural barriers such as poverty, inadequate education, HIV stigma, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and unequal access to insurance and specialized HIV care, pose significant obstacles to accessing treatment and support.

The Southern HIV Impact Fund focuses on the needs of individuals and communities affected by HIV in three primary areas: prevention; care and support; and policy, advocacy and movement building. To maximize efforts and impact, this new initiative explicitly focuses on increasing cross-sectional work among traditionally HIV-focused organizations and those with little or no prior HIV experience, but with a history of working to advance social justice and/or civil rights. Organizations working in the intersecting fields of racial and social justice, gender equality and reproductive rights, LGBTQ, immigration, detention and mass incarceration, among others are well-positioned to positively impact the social determinants of health that have significant implications for people living with or at risk for HIV in the South.

The goals of the Southern HIV Impact Fund are to:

  • Increase collaborative efforts across the U.S. South to end HIV and reduce health disparities;
  • Catalyze a demonstrable increase in leadership in the U.S. South that is more reflective of the regional HIV epidemic, while also providing support to current leaders; and
  • Increase resources to the South, both through technical assistance and grant making.

To achieve these goals, the Southern HIV Impact Fund focuses on three areas:

  • Growing New Partnerships HIV does not exist in a vacuum. It exists at the intersection of many social justice issues. To end the epidemic, we work in coalition with social movements.
  • Growing Funds We do our part to provide much-needed financial resources specifically for the U.S. South from our fund of 2.5 million private dollars.
  • Growing New Leadership We train and develop leaders who represent the HIV epidemic in the U.S. South, particularly those who are members of Black, Latinx, queer, and transgender communities.

Through the Southern HIV Impact Fund, AIDS United will provide a combination of cash grants and technical assistance to community-based and social justice organizations and coalitions in nine Southern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.