HIV does not exist in a vacuum. It exists at the intersection of many social justice issues. To end the epidemic, we work in coalition with social movements.

Widening gaps in access to health insurance and care driven by poverty, inadequate education, stigma, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia call for a renewed focus on the U.S. South.

According to AIDSVu, from 2003-2005, fifteen percent of people in the South diagnosed with HIV died within five years of diagnosis. Twenty-seven percent of people in the South diagnosed with AIDS during the same period also died within five years of diagnosis.

Simply put: we cannot end HIV in the U.S. until we end it in the South. We believe the status quo is unacceptable and have joined together to change it.

To maximize efforts and impact, this new initiative explicitly focuses on increasing cross-sectional work among traditionally HIV-focused organizations and those with little or no prior HIV experience, but with a history of working to advance social justice and/or civil rights.

Organizations working in the intersecting fields of racial and social justice, gender equality and reproductive rights, LGBTQ, immigration, detention and mass incarceration, among others, are well-positioned to positively impact the social determinants of health that have significant implications for people living with or at risk for HIV in the South.

This Black History Month and in the run up to National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the Southern HIV Impact Fund is highlighting partners and grantees working to address the persistent and disparate impact of HIV on Black communities with a social marketing campaign, Honoring #BlackHistory Means Investing in #BlackHealth. Meet the featured partners here!

Will you join us?

You can make a difference. If your funding focuses on health, poverty alleviation, LGBTQ rights, or other social justice issues, the same communities you support are also affected by HIV. This is an opportunity to quickly and strategically increase your impact, and deepen your organization’s leadership in the South. Learn more.

Looking to apply for funding?

  • We are no longer accepting Letters of Intent, which were due July 9, 2019.
  • We are no longer accepting Southern Action Grants applications at this time as funds for this cycle have been exhausted. Please check back at the end of the year for additional updates.