Southern HIV Impact Fund grantees are working to effectively address the prevention, care and support, and advocacy and leadership needs of individuals and communities affected by HIV in the South.

The cohort includes many leaders and organizations with years of HIV experience and many others who are relatively new to HIV but with a history of intersecting social justice work. Learn more about each project below and view our announcement on the AIDS United website.

Affinity Health Center, Rock Hill, SC

Affinity Health Center will enhance access to HIV prevention services for the most vulnerable to HIV, reduce stigma associated with accessing HIV services, and promote healing and hope within the context of culturally fluent HIV services. AHC is proposing significant internet outreach and social marketing as well as the self-testing option for diagnosing HIV more quickly.

Arianna’s Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Arianna’s Center will expand HIV testing and linkage to prevention and care, HIV education, and programming that empowers and lifts up transgender women of color living with HIV. Goals: Addressing HIV in South Florida Amongst Transgender Women of Color, Advocacy/Leadership Development and Stigma Reduction, Post Incarceration Support Services, Gender Affirming Needs and Services, Online Programming and Ongoing COVID-19 Response.

Capitol Area Reentry Program, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA

Capitol Area Reentry Program provides vital supportive services of health, wellness, and equity to the LGBTQ community in Baton Rouge. Provide services in 3 ways: Our office, Outreach (after office hours) & our mobile unit. CARP encourages People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) to be screened for HIV, Hep C & Syphilis and offer referrals to treatment.

CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health (MCRH), Memphis, TN

CHOICES will provide midwifery care to pregnant people living with HIV. Collaborating with a local obstetric clinic, CHOICES will facilitate access for pregnant people with HIV to the midwifery care model for the first time ever in the Memphis Transitional Grant Area. CHOICES’ team of midwives will work with an obstetric care team to provide an integrated approach to caring for pregnant PLWH. The strategy employed by CHOICES’ team will focus on providing knowledgeable clinical care, empathy and understanding of each patient’s lived experiences, and continuity of care during the delivery and postpartum period.

Circle of Friends Task Force, Greenville, NC

Funding will allow Circle of Friends Task Force to continue fostering supportive environment for fellowship, discussions and conversations to learn and mentor other PLWH. Program Objectives; Testing and linking persons identified as HIV-positive to care as early in the disease process as possible; Providing necessary supportive services to keep clients in care – Link to Leaders Advocating Mentoring other leaders for Personal growth and Support); LAMPS Program; Identifying clients within eleven rural counties of Eastern North Carolina who have dropped out of care, and working with them to get them back into care. Provide LAMPS interventions with persons who are HIV positive to reduce internal/external stigma; Offering support for persons at risk for HIV Developing partnerships with social justice groups or organizations to work in partnership in EtE efforts; Provide educational opportunities and training for skill enhancement to promote creative freedom; Help develop or increase skills to address and abate stigma, fear, silence, and; Help gain knowledge about Human Rights and Social Justice issues; Promote the importance of seeing and treating people with respect, fairness, with human worth and integrity

Community Health Prevention Intervention Education & Research (CH-PIER), Greenville, MN

The purpose of this grant is to continue to provide the services need for Black GBQ/SGL Men and People Living with HIV in the MS Delta area. CH-PIER is the only CBO in the area that provide these services and it is much needed in the area. The goals of Community Health-PIER are to provide healthcare assistance to the Black GBQ/SGL Men, PwHIV, TGNC Individuals, and the African American Communities, that’s underserved, underinsured, and underrepresented in the MS Delta. Develop models of healthcare, disease prevention and health education, promotion and outreach programs that meaningfully improve the health of the most vulnerable population in the MS Delta. Be nationally recognized as a Community Base Organization that utilizes the most innovative prevention and educational services now and in the future. Be regionally recognized for having the highest levels of community safety, consistently integrating best practices and assimilating the most relevant healthcare assistant services.

Eagle Pass SAFE, Eagle Pass, TX

Build capacity by expanding the workforce for mental health prevention and early intervention services at Maverick County Hospital District, where HIV care and HIV Prevention Services are provided. We are seeking to increase the amount of Licensed Mental Health Professionals that are competent in delivering LGBTQ affirmative, trauma informed, care to PLWH or at risk for contracting it.It will formalize a Behavioral Health Program Organizational Structure at MCHD, and provide a clear pathway for licensure for two Licensed Professional Counselor Associates (LPC-A).

Frontline Legal Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA

Frontline Legal Services is requesting funding to continue our integrated legal strategy so we can respond to the needs of Louisiana’s most marginalized People Living With HIV- where THEY are, not where is easiest for us. In addition to decreasing health disparities among PLWHA particularly those in our state and parish prisons and others most marginalized across the state, as well as to improve health outcomes among these same individuals Goals: Grow the inherent power of our clients to advocate for themselves and their well-being. Provide quality legal services that respond to the needs of Louisiana’s most marginalized People Living with HIV (PLWH)- where THEY are, not where is easiest for us. Reduce the stigma and burdens PLWH face by leading and contributing to the Louisiana HIV Modernization movement.

Gender Benders, Piedmont, SC

Create social change by empowering, educating, and supporting trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) Southerners, with a focus on those who are living with HIV; Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC); low-income; and living in rural areas. To achieve this, we will expand and enhance our advocacy, education, and supportive services, including our retreats for TGNC adults, Trans Health Resource Project, leadership development and training programs, and other virtual and in-person supportive services.

Helping Everyone Receive Ongoing Effective Support (HEROES), Columbia, LA

The specific programs that this funding will support are HEROES University (HU) and Dynamic Relaxing Education About Me (DREAM) Retreat. HEROES will address the problem of stigma by continuing to conduct the annual Dynamic Relaxing Education About Me (DREAM) Retreat and HEROES University (HU) which is a HIV based education – training program. The program began in 2000 as HIV University to provide women with HIV a support network within their community and help them understand available treatment. Currently, HEROES maintains weekly contact with 42 individuals with compromised immune systems to provide needed support.

Hope House Day Care Center, Memphis, TN

Hope House is requesting funding to enhance mental health programming to improve the quality of life for individuals living with HIV and their families. Items will be used in individual therapy and support groups as well as play therapy for children and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) used with both adults and children. Will hire two new mental health providers trained in EMDR, also requesting funds to join the EMDRIA membership to receive other resources like journals, education materials, networking opportunities and professional development.

Latino LinQ, Inc., Atlanta, GA

The purpose of the project is to address the disparities that plague the Latinx community in accessing vital HIV prevention services in the metro Atlanta area. The project is aimed at reducing HIV stigma and empowering people who are most vulnerable to HIV acquisition and people living with HIV and AIDS.LLQ‘s goal is to fill in these educational gaps about HIV, prevention, and treatment through culturally responsive messaging including but not limited to a video campaign, social media graphics, and hosting a one-day Summit focused on the “Latinx Georgian’s Health & Wellness”.  To bring the LGBTQ Latinx, Black, and other communities of color in Georgia as well as our allies together safely, LLQ will host a full-day, in-person conference in the Fall of 2022. will hire a Peer Navigator that will take an HIV status-neutral approach to address HIV in Atlanta’s Latinx community

Mississippi Center for Justice, Jackson, MS

MCJ works with partner organizations and employs a variety of legal tools to identify inequities and to force those in power to change their approach. HIV work is to change the narrative surrounding HIV and the people living with HIV through the elimination of stigma and discrimination. Approaching this work from a legal perspective allows us to offer specific counsel to PLWH and to address individual cases of discrimination. We can identify systemic issues from the individual cases that come to our medical legal partnership.

Mississippi Positive Network, Ridgeland, MN

Mississippi Positive Network seeks to expand its network to a 500-1000-member listserv for people living with HIV through a statewide mass market opt-in email campaign and interactive platforms that will collectively serve as our 10th annual Mississippi AIDSWatch event. Offering a series of Mississippi AIDSWatch online activities to a widespread audience, addressing policy especially connected to HIV criminalization, equity and justice, and Medicaid expansion. This is a network expansion project, aimed at a mass-market size engagement level. Of the 10,000+ people living with HIV in Mississippi, we intend to reach 1/10 of our peers through an opt-in communication system, using both email and social media platforms.

NC Survivors Union, Greensboro, NC

NCSU’s mission is to improve the lives of people who have been targeted by the war on drugs by: 1) organizing, growing, and strengthening community-led grassroots groups; 2) educating, mobilizing, and advocating for policies and programs grounded in harm reduction, healing, and disability justice; and 3) providing direct services in areas where high-risk communities are denied even the most basic ones. After rapid growth over a short period of time, NCSU has committed the next year to strategic planning and clearly articulating our goals and strategies as an organization. We have already received some support for these efforts, and will fund the remainder using a portion of the Southern HIV Impact Fund.

Positive Women’s Network-USA, Regional

Positive Women’s Network-USA (PWN) respectfully requests funding from the AIDS United Southern HIV Impact Fund to support developing and nurturing leadership of women and people of trans experience living with HIV (WTLHIV) in Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas, to ensure their advocacy work is maximally impactful to advance progressive HIV-related policy in the South, build political power for our base, and increase the number of informed voters participating in future elections. This work will be primarily led by staff based in our Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta offices, with support from other staff.


Our organization is dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS by generating sustained support for all persons living with a diagnosis of HIV with emphasis on Black and African-American Women (BAA) and to increase HIV testing among key priority populations (men who have sex with men[MSM], LGBTQ+, individuals who inject drugs [IDUs], and transgender persons) at risk for HIV transmission in south-eastern, NC. Funding from this grant will support our initiatives for innovative programming of community education that reaches rural health providers, faith-based organizations, politicians and residents; all who have a role in the works to Ending the Epidemic.

SisterLove, Inc., Atlanta, GA

The purpose of this grant is to expand the intersectional work of SisterLove, Inc. For the past 31 years, SisterLove has worked diligently at the intersection of HIV, sexual and reproductive health and various other oppressions faced by women of color living throughout the Southern United States. These intersections have included violence, housing, access to care and biotechnology, discrimination, aging, housing, and other environmental issues.

SisterReach, Memphis, TN

SisterReach will expand our HIV-centered programming, sustain vital HIV advocate partnerships and build new ones, and expand current advocate and constituent interest around HIV beyond Black MSMs and women of trans experience, to include Black women and trans men, two crucial populations who have are invisible among the current focuses as a needed target for support or care. We will also be able to engage cis youth and young adults about HIV in connection to other STI and social justice focuses, prevention and intervention education and advocacy work.

T.A.K.E. Resource Center, Birmingham, AL

T.A.K.E Resource Center is and will continue to be a sanctuary, an opportunity to be safe and affirmed, and a source of confidence and skill building for Trans-People of color (TPOC). This grant will help move the overall mission of the HELP (Healthy Educational Living Prevention) Program and its daily operations by providing holistic wrap around services to TPOC living with HIV or at risk with the T.A.K.E Resource center.

Texas Harm Reduction Alliance, Austin, TX

The purpose of this grant would be to increase capacity of our statewide harm reduction alliance by expanding syringe access across multiple cities and coordinating local organizing campaigns in effort to reduce HIV and drug-related incarceration rates across the state of Texas.

The Bros in Convo Initiative, Orlando, FL

The expanded project will be by young Black men who have sex with men for young Black men who have sex with men (YBMSM) ages 18 to 35 to address factors such as poor access to high-quality healthcare and lack of comprehensive HIV/STI prevention education that contribute to the high number of new HIV cases among YBMSM in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The program will also focus on areas that can positively impact health outcomes for YBMSM including activism/advocacy, emotion and mind wellness, financial literacy, job readiness, life skills, peer support, and sexual wellness.

The Knights & Orchids Society, Selma, AL

Through general operating support from AIDS United’s Southern HIV Impact Fund, The Knights & Orchids Society (TKO) will reduce HIV related disparities in Alabama by providing comprehensive supportive services statewide, with a focus on empowering Black, trans and LGBQ, low-income, and rural communities. Funding will enable TKO to continue providing services at the intersection of HIV and racial, gender, reproductive and food justice.

THRIVE SS, Inc., Atlanta, GA

THRIVE SS is seeking a grant to support our general operations as we continue to manage our organization’s growth in the Atlanta region and beyond. As THRIVE’s programs have received increasing levels of restricted grant support in the past two years, general operating support and the flexibility it offers is a key pillar of our continued strategic growth and our ability to reach more Black SGL men living with or affected by HIV.

Trans Women in Need of Services, Pembroke Pines, FL

The purpose of this grant is to enhance our current U-Matter Program and grow our community engagement team to integrate intersectionality in Black and Brown HIV communities to address structural drivers of the HIV epidemic and disparities in health outcomes among the TGNC community. To strengthen the coordination across stakeholders for integrated continuity of HIV care and prevention by identifying and addressing barriers and limitations to HIV prevention and care related to other essential services, such as housing, transportation, employment, education, behavioral health, intimate partner violence and incarceration.

WeCareTn, Memphis, TN

WeCareTN uses a holistic approach to meet our participants where they are. Our goal is to ensure our participants have access to the lives they envision for themselves. We know that trans women of color who do sex work and use drugs need help in many areas. The social determinants of health often lead to an increase in new HIV infections, HCV, and depression. We feel it is necessary to bring these implicit issues to the surface to connect this holistic approach to our participants.