Southern HIV Impact Fund grantees are working to effectively address the prevention, care and support, and advocacy and leadership needs of individuals and communities affected by HIV in the South.

The cohort includes many leaders and organizations with years of HIV experience and many others who are relatively new to HIV but with a history of intersecting social justice work. Learn more about each project below.

Abounding Prosperity, Dallas, TX

In operation for 15 years and reaching more than 3,400 unduplicated persons annually, the agency has established itself as a trusted and credible partner to populations it serves: persons suffering from substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, chronic homelessness, and extreme poverty. AP, Inc.’s services include HIV Counseling and Testing; Evidence-based Interventions (including Many Men, Many Voices and d-UP!); Confidential and Supportive Partner Notification; Hepatitis B & C Education; Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services; STI Testing; Client Advocacy; Mental Health Service referrals; Peer Education and Peer Counseling Support Groups (including PrEP education and Peer Health Navigation services); and Temporary Housing. AP, Inc. will advance their coordination of care and service delivery across the agency’s three sites and with referral agencies.

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. (AP, Inc.)’s mission is to provide services that address health, social, and economic disparities among Black Americans with a particular emphasis on gay and bisexual men, cisgender women, and transgender women, and their families.

AIDS Services Coalition, Hattiesburg, MS

AIDS Services Coalition is expanding HIV prevention and care services in rural West Mississippi, particularly by providing HIV testing, support services, and transportation. AIDS Services Coalition (ASC) will address the lack of resources in the rural areas of the state by opening telehealth and tele-PrEP and other innovative ways of reaching rural community members. ASC is also providing incubation support for a new organization addressing the needs of Black same-gender-loving men in the rural area surrounding Greenville, MS.

The AIDS Services Coalition’s mission is to promote and assure comprehensive information, resources and services for comfort and help to people living with and affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.

Alamo Area Resource Center, San Antonio, TX

Through “The San Antonio Men of Color Access to Care Project,” Alamo Area Resource Center will provide HIV prevention and care services to disproportionally impacted communities. Funds will be used to bolster focused HIV testing, PrEP/PEP referrals and prescriptions, condom distribution, newly linkage to care, peer navigation, and HIV prevention education, to reduce the number of new cases in south Texas. AARC provides members of the Latino and African American MSM community with comprehensive prevention, medical care and supportive services including Patient Navigation services for newly diagnosed men of color living with HIV and increase engagement and adherence to medical care for men of color living with HIV/AIDS.

Alamo Area Resource Center’s (AARC) mission is to maximize the quality of life for individuals facing disabling or life-threatening diseases, including, but not limited to HIV/AIDS, by providing comprehensive, compassionate, and effective rehabilitative and social services.

Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, Atlanta, GA

For the past 24 years, Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (AHRC) has offered comprehensive programs to remove health disparities in the most disfranchised community in Atlanta. Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition’s project, “Syringe Decriminalization Advocacy Project through Leadership of PWIDs” will improve Georgia HIV/HCV public policy through advocacy, needle sharps-related injuries prevention, syringe services program, and involvement of People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs). They are committed to promoting health and dignity by reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STIs, and substance use within vulnerable communities. AHRC engages in discussion and education about Harm Reduction with legislators, police, churches, and community; identifies and trains leaders within the HIV/AIDS community and continues to strengthen its Community and Youth Advisory Board.

AHRC is a community-based wellness organization committed to promoting health and dignity by reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STI, and substance use within vulnerable communities.

BASIC NWFL, Panama City, FL

Through “Advocating to Reduce the Impacts that Stigma Ensues (ARISE),” BASIC NWFL will increase access to HIV prevention and testing as well as care and treatment services in northwest Florida’s Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington counties. They will mitigate barriers that relate to stigma and discrimination of people living with and affected by HIV through increasing awareness of stigma and discrimination and its negative effect on HIV health outcomes and by advocating for more supportive and nonjudgmental community action regarding HIV and AIDS.

BASIC NWFL, Inc. is a volunteer-governed, community-based organization dedicated to aiding, assisting, and comforting those living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and friends.

Capitol Area Reentry Program, Baton Rouge, LA

Capitol Area Reentry Program’s (CARP) overall goal for this funding is to support a community in which Black MSM and transgender individuals living with or affected by HIV build supportive relationships with one another through their “Out of the Box” intervention. Through a network of “Out of the Box” graduates and other community members, CARP will develop a cadre of community opinion leaders and mentors who can support new members through resource sharing and networking, as well as secure a safe community space. Other services that CARP offer are PWID risk reduction services; the “Be Safe” harm reduction initiative; syringe access and sharps disposal, education, and linkage to services; HIV, HCV, and Syphilis testing.

Capitol Area Reentry Program strives to provide individuals in the community living with or at risk of acquiring and/or transmitting HIV, substance use and/or mental health, school dropout, juvenile delinquency and other legal consequences, with the tools to empower themselves, to enhance their quality of life, reduce the risk of incarceration, reduce recidivism and the spread of HIV/STDs through therapeutic, educational, preventive and referral services.

Centro San Vicente, El Paso, TX

Centro San Vicente’s “Vamos Bien con PrEP: A Latino Mpowerment Program” is a program that recruits Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) who are currently on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to influence HIV prevention and treatment among their members of their communities. The volunteers will conduct one to one outreach to motivate, educate, and link other Latino MSM to HIV testing services, then follow-up with linking their clients to care or linking them to PrEP. These volunteers will increase awareness of prevention strategies using their social networks.

The mission of Centro San Vicente is to provide patient-centered health services with particular concern for the poor and needy using a coordinated and holistic approach in caring for body, mind, and spirit.

Collaborative Solutions, Inc., Birmingham, AL

The Alabama HIV/AIDS Healthy Homes Initiative (ALH3), a partnership of Collaborative Solutions, Inc. (CS) and the Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama (LIHCA), expands housing and health equity for low-income PLWHA through statewide housing and health system integration and policy improvement to reduce HIV infections, address statewide health disparities especially among low-income people, minority populations, and PLWHA, and improve housing and health outcomes; and the development of trained consumer board leaders and advocates to advance statewide housing and health policy integration.

Collaborative Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a nonprofit organization which works in partnership for the empowerment of human service organizations and communities in order to positively impact special needs populations.

Equality Florida Institute, Tallahassee, FL

Equality Florida Institute (EQFLI) will continue to implement their HIV Advocacy Project, with the goals of ending once and for all the criminalization of people living with HIV and AIDS in Florida and ending HIV stigma. EQFL will mobilize and train hundreds of volunteers in HIV and AIDS advocacy, facilitate hundreds of conversations between elected officials and those impacted by HIV and AIDS, and continue to provide specialized trainings for key stakeholders throughout the state who have a part in the HIV criminal justice system.

Equality Florida Institute (EQFLI) is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community. Since EQFLI’s founding, we have embedded a commitment to promote racial, economic, and gender justice into our mission.

Freedom Fund Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Freedom Fund’s “HIV/AIDS and Participatory Defense Program in South Florida” will address the twin epidemics of mass incarceration and HIV in Florida, the Freedom Fund is seeking funds to secure the release of queer and HIV-positive individuals in jail, bring these participants and other recently-released queer and HIV-positive individuals into case management and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention services and, through a participatory defense model, organize participants to raise awareness of and build power against LGBTQ overincarceration and HIV/AIDS.

The mission of the Freedom Fund is to curb the long-overlooked, disproportionate harms of mass incarceration on the queer community.

Frontline Legal Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA

Through Frontline Legal Services, “The Legal Clinic Services Project” will decrease health disparities among people living with HIV in Louisiana , specifically in parish prisons and in the northern, rural areas of the state, as well as to improve health outcomes among these same individuals. By conducting regular, specialized legal clinics in coordination with peer navigators and case managers, these participants will access a greater understanding of financial stability, the impact of stigma, linkage to medical and social services, and focus on resolving any personal legal issues.

Frontline’s mission is to provide legal and policy support for those on the frontline of America’s public health and human rights crises, and to provide legal, health education, and risk reduction services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana.

Gender Benders, Piedmont, SC

Through the Southern HIV Impact Fund, Gender Benders plans to expand educational programming and community health outreach via the Trans Health Resource Project, which consists of three parts: (1) a cultural competency training program for health providers, HIV/AIDS organizations, and other service providers; (2) a community education training series that educates trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people and our allies regarding TGNC health (with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS and sexual health) and trans rights, among other topics; and (3) peer health outreach, resource provision, and peer support programs for people living with HIV.

Gender Benders’ mission is to create safe and supportive spaces for transgender, gender non-conforming (TGNC), and allied individuals in the rural South by connecting them to resources, providing support, and initiating trans-inclusive community change through social action.

He Is Valuable Inc., Atlanta, GA

He Is Valuable (HIV), Inc. will formalize the HIS (He Is Supported) Support Services Program, which links their participant members to HIV prevention and treatment, housing, mental health services. HIV, Inc. utilizes social marketing as the driving force and the gateway to a wide variety of intersectional programs and services. The hashtag #HeIsValuable has become a symbol for positive images of Black Queer Men (BQM), and compels those men to participate, invest in and assist in the direction of our programs and services. He Is Valuable brings the community together to provide engaging and empowering dialogue around a host of issues impacting the BQM community.

The mission of He Is Valuable (HIV), Inc. is to identify, reinforce and celebrate the value of Black Queer Men and their communities.

Helping Everyone Receive Ongoing Effective Support (HEROES), Columbia, LA

HEROES is dedicated to improving the lives of women, men and teens who are living with or affected by HIV in the rural deep south. Through the annual “DREAM” retreat, HEROES offers knowledge, support, and direction to these priority populations. HEROES offers the opportunity to break isolation by building community, understanding, and hope. HEROES equips their participants with the tools they need to advocate for themselves toward better healthcare and reduced internalized stigma and treat depression.

HEROES brings lifesaving services and assistance to those who are impacted by HIV in the rural South and education to the community. Our outreach programs, retreats and educational initiatives are tailor-made for the issues we face in Northeast Louisiana.

Latino Commission on AIDS, Inc., Durham, NC (Regional)

“Latinos in the South,” a project of the Latino Commission on AIDS, will provide capacity building around organizational development to organizations in the south working in HIV, with Latinx communities and/or the LGBT community. Although federal and state funded organizations receive resources to develop their skills and sustainability of their organizations and programs, many newly formed organizations, specifically serving the aforementioned communities at risk, do not qualify for such services, and therefore through this funding we will reach organizations that would otherwise have no other source of support in order to help them build their organizational capacity and in turn better serve the community.

Our mission is to impact the HIV/AIDS epidemic by spearheading health advocacy, promoting health education, developing and replicating evidence-based programs for PLWHA and high-risk communities, and by building capacity across the public health sector and within our communities.

Latinos Salud Inc., Wilton Manors, FL

Latinos Salud’s “Estamos Unidos (We’re United)” program, will focus on the underserved deep southwestern corridor of Miami-Dade county, meeting three key goals: 1) increasing access to culturally competent, local HIV healthcare providers; 2) bringing HIV prevention and testing to the deep southwest region with intersecting relationships to non-HIV providers; and 3) providing linkage and navigation services to Latino MSM and transgender individuals from the underserved SW region.

The mission of Latinos Salud is to “provide client-centered, culturally competent health education and integrated preventive, screening, and linkage services throughout South Florida in order to reduce the burden of communicable diseases and improve health outcomes. To achieve this mission in a diverse community, Latinos Salud serves all Latino gay, bisexual or otherwise identified Men Who Have Sex with Men, all persons living with HIV, and all persons who identify as transgender.”

Mississippi Center for Justice, Jackson, MS

Mississippi Center for Justice’s (MCJ) project, “Combatting Stigma and HIV Discrimination in Mississippi,” will engage, educate, and mobilize people living with HIV and other stakeholders on HIV stigma and how it intersects with discrimination. Through outreach and education activities, MCJ will increase Mississippians’ awareness of stigma, discrimination and criminalization, and garner support for people living with HIV. The Center will develop a policy agenda to address systemic issues that are identified as key to reducing stigma, discrimination, and criminalization of people living with HIV.

The mission of the Mississippi Center for Justice is to marshal legal resources to reshape the state’s institutions, policies, and markets to achieve racial and economic justice, human dignity, and opportunity for all Mississippians.

Mississippi Positive Network / My Brother’s Keeper, Cleveland, MS

Mississippi Positive Network’s (MSPN) “We, the Positive” is a project of My Brother’s Keeper, driven by the influence and impact that Mississippians living with HIV will have on ending the HIV epidemic in the state. MSPN will engage as many Mississippians living with HIV as possible, in policy skills-building, sharpening intersectional tools, and interacting with political decision-makers, administrative agencies and the general public, all focused on ending the epidemic. Through two key events, Mississippi AIDSWatch 2020 and Mississippi Intersections Election Summit 2020, the goal is to 1) engage legislators in policy advancement, particularly around HIV criminalization 2) further populate every HIV decision-making board in Mississippi with people living with HIV 3) expand MSPN’s network of people living with HIV through social media.

The mission of Mississippi Positive Network is to unite and uplift all persons living with HIV in Mississippi.

Black Transmen Inc. (National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition), Carollton, TX

Black Transmen’s “Purposing Our Worth through Education and Responsibility (P.O.W.E.R) Texas Trans Health Project” is a culturally specific project targeting Black and African American transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) people living in Texas. The idea of reshaping communication and service to Black transgender people to increase knowledge about HIV and prevention in the Black trans community and influence affirming self-images that encourage positive acts of responsibility for individuals health and knowing their status. The purpose of this grant is to provide health care access, resources, navigation and linkage to care and for hundreds of Black transgender and GNC/non-binary people in order to expand knowledge, communication and support for preventative measures.

The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition mission is to overcome violence and injustice in the world through the power, value and love of all people.

NC Survivors Union, Greensboro, NC

NC Survivor’s (NCSU) “Real Education and Community Hope (REACH)” project is a community-led initiative in partnership with Advocacy House to galvanize for social change and further develop strong community-led groups. NCSU and Advocacy House will engage established and emerging grassroots organizations and activists in North Carolina and in the southern U.S. to harness the network of harm reduction partners and traditional HIV organizations to build power focused on social, economic, and political mobilization for harm reduction. NCSU and Advocacy House will both facilitate connections through community organizing as well as provide a central capacity building assistance platform that provides remote opportunities for technical assistance and mentorship. NCSU and Advocacy House will enrich existing relationships and connect with emerging organizations working toward racial, economic, criminal, reproductive justice, and drug policy reform.

NC Survivors Union is a community led statewide organization led and directed using team-based feminist models of governance. We aim to improve the lives of people who have been targeted by the war on drugs by: 1) organizing, growing, and strengthening, community led grassroots groups, 2) educating, mobilizing and advocating for policies and programs grounded in harm reduction, healing and disability justice, and 3) providing direct services in areas where high risk communities are denied even the most basic services.

North Carolina AIDS Action Network, Raleigh, NC

North Carolina AIDS Action Network’s work advances the long-term goal of increased and equitable access to quality prevention and care services across urban and rural areas by expanding, educating, and engaging their statewide HIV advocacy community. Through the annual statewide advocacy day, HIV Speaks on Jones Street, and other strategies, NC AIDS Action Network will build the skills, knowledge, and expertise of their community of advocates in order to educate officials’ understanding of the needs of the HIV community in North Carolina. NC AIDS Action Network will prioritize engagement with the communities most impacted by HIV, including gay & bi men, communities of color, especially young gay/bi/same gender loving black/African-American men, and the trans community.

The mission of North Carolina AIDS Action Network is to help improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and affected communities through outreach and public education, policy advocacy, and community-building to increase visibility and mutual support of people living with HIV/AIDS throughout our state.

Positive Women’s Network – USA, Houston, TX (Regional)

Positive Women’s Network-USA’s “Organizing for Power/Southern Women’s Advocacy Response Mobilization (Project SWARM)” proposes to strengthen and elevate Southern HIV policy and advocacy-focused political and social action by: training and coaching groups led by women and people of trans experience living with HIV in seven Southern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas on effective advocacy and voter registration strategies; and developing and supporting a cross-South network of advocates organizing together to advance progressive policy: Southern Women’s Advocacy Response Mobilization, or Project SWARM.

The mission of Positive Women’s Network-USA is to prepare and involve all women living with HIV, in all our diversity, including gender identity and sexual expression, in all levels of policy and decision-making.

Positively Living, Inc., Knoxville, TN

Positively Living’s Behavioral Health Program provides integrated, no-cost, and evidence-based mental health care that holistically addresses the specific needs of people living with HIV and AIDS living in East Tennessee. The program provides comprehensive diagnostic assessment, individual therapy, and group therapy to people living with HIV and a small number of prevention clients. The Behavioral Health Program creates a safe therapeutic space where clients can authentically bring all their intersecting identities and know with confidence that they will be met with empathy and non-judgement as they treat significant mental health issues.

The mission of Positively Living is to provide compassionate care that empowers, inspires, and promotes wellness.

Rural Women’s Health Project Inc., Gainesville, FL

Rural Women’s Health Project’s (RWHP) health justice work straddles immigrant safety, access to services and HIV-related issues including increased prevention education, testing and the involvement of women living with HIV in community work. The RWHP will provide 1) emotional health support, 2) linkage to health, legal and social services, 3) mobile communication options, and 4) reduced barriers to care through the facilitation of two, capacity-building workshops for service providers. The RWHP serves three sectors of women: Latino immigrants, women living with HIV and rural women.

The mission of Rural Women’s Health Project is to work with rural communities to strengthen their capacity to overcome barriers to health justice. Community members are involved in all aspects of the work’ thereby broadening their skills to replicate programs and advocacy strategies.

SisterLove Inc., Atlanta, GA

For the past 30 years, SisterLove has worked diligently at the intersection of HIV, sexual and reproductive health and various other oppressions faced by women of color living throughout the Southern United States. These intersections have included violence, housing, access to care and biotechnology, discrimination, aging, and various other health disparities such as heart disease and Hepatitis-C. SisterLove’s programs include strengthening the leadership capacity and skill level of HIV positive women and youth throughout the South to successfully and publicly lead the movement that emphasizes the intersection of SRJ and HIV; increasing SRJ mobilization efforts throughout the South by building the capacity of advocates, activists, and organizations to integrate issues of SRJ and Human Rights into their everyday work; increasing the number of schools that choose to offer comprehensive sex education to youth throughout the state of Georgia; increasing knowledge of SisterLove constituents on key advocacy issues that keep women and girls at increased risk for HIV and other SRJ challenges; Increasing knowledge of housing policies and programs throughout the state of Georgia and pinpoint inequities that need to be addressed.

The mission of SisterLove is to eradicate the adverse impacts of HIV and AIDS and other reproductive health challenges upon women and their families through education, prevention, support and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world.

SisterReach Inc., Memphis, TN

SisterReach aims to build culture change in Tennessee for Black Womyn & Teens through the framework of Reproductive Justice. SisterReach works from a 3-pronged strategy of education, policy & advocacy and culture change work. Education includes Adult Sex Ed Online, SisterReach Youth Ambassador program, Memphis Teen Vision, LARC Advocacy & Coercion education, BOITALK program and RJ & Faith curricula training. Policy and Advocacy includes Black Folks Day On The Hill. Culture shift initiatives include Research (HIV & Black women; LARC Access and Coercive Practice; Black cis & Trans women’s experiences with law enforcement due to domestic violence) and the Memphis Soul Music Festival (arts and culture strategy/capital campaign strategy). All programs aim to reduce reproductive health disparities, raise consciousness specific to these sexual and social health disparities, increase access to and interest in comprehensive birth control access, center the ideas, values and leadership of young people and change the culture of our faith community around social and sexual health disparities in a positive and affirming way.

SisterReach, founded October 2011, is a Memphis, TN based grassroots 501c3 non-profit supporting the reproductive autonomy of women and teens of color, poor and rural women, LGBTQIA folx, gender non-conforming people and their families through the framework of Reproductive Justice. Our mission is to empower our base to lead healthy lives, raise healthy families and live in healthy communities.

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co.), Atlanta, GA

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co.) builds the grassroots leadership and power of marginalized communities in order to fight for – and win – political, economic, and social transformation in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Its work develops the leadership of directly impacted people to take action to transform the institutions and policies that affect their lives. SNaP Co. works to end the criminalization of gender oppressed people including trans* people, poor women of color, and people living with HIV. Members and leaders gain skills, power, and make concrete and lasting changes that are improvements for the whole community.

The Solutions NOT Punishment Collaborative is a Black trans and queer led collaborative that builds the power of our people to wage and win campaigns that force systematic divestment from the Prison Industrial Complex and investment in the services and supports us.

Southern AIDS Coalition, Birmingham, AL

Southern AIDS Coalition’s “Southern CHARMED: EtE Edition” prioritizes the leadership of persons living with HIV and are essential to making real progress toward ending the epidemic. The purpose of this grant, Southern CHARMED (Connecting HIV Advocates in a Regional Movement to End Disparities), is to center the voices of southerners living with or disproportionately impacted by HIV in an effort to inform, influence, and improve Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America and the resulting jurisdictional plans.

The mission of the Southern AIDS Coalition is to end the HIV epidemic in the South. We are non-partisan coalition of government, community, and business leaders working alongside thousands of individual members to prevent new transmissions and build a better South for people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Southerners On New Ground (SONG), Atlanta, GA (Regional)

This grant will allow SONG to increase safety, access, community, and dignity for LGBTQ people across the South to build, sustain, and connect a base of LGBTQ people to fight for and win policy, structural, and cultural changes. SONG’s primary activities include: (1) local grassroots organizing campaigns and direct actions that build power and move regional demands; (2) base building and leadership development for Southern LGBTQ organizers; (3) local, regional, and national intersectional coalition and alliance building; (4) extensive media and communications work that can impact public opinion and change conversations about race, class, and gender. and (5) cultural organizing projects that support our campaigns by leveraging arts and culture to enact social change.

Southerners on New Ground (SONG) is a regional Queer Liberation organization made up of Black people, people of color, immigrants, undocumented people, people with disabilities, working class and rural and small town, LGBTQ people in the South. We believe that we are bound together by a shared desire for ourselves, each other, and our communities to survive and thrive.

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center, Lake Charles, LA

Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center’s “Louisiana Region 5 Task Force Support Program” will support the current STD/HIV Regional Task Force established in 2013. The program will implement a number of activities including HIV and STD education, HIV and STD prevention, structural approaches aimed at reducing new HIV infections in Southwest Louisiana, combating HIV and LGBT stigma as a path to ending the HIV epidemic, and pursuing systems and policy change in order to support HIV decriminalization efforts in Louisiana.

The mission of the Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (SWLAHEC) is to improve health status through access to information, education and health services.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! Inc., Atlanta, GA

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!, Inc. (SPARK) is implementing base building efforts of Queer & Trans young people of color (QTYPOC) who will lead cultural and stigma shift, issue-based advocacy, and HIV decriminalization policy work in Georgia. Valuing leadership development, organizing, and advocacy, SPARK’s objectives are to work on access to HIV destigmatization and decriminalization, expansion of Medicaid insurance, and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and education resources. SPARK also invests in civic engagement, grassroots organizing, and leadership development activities to progressively shift culture and build towards a region where QTYPOC and Black womxn are making decisions and exercising their leadership to guarantee increased access to vital services, such as PrEP and PEP. Key leadership development programs at SPARK are the Fierce Youth Reclaiming and Empowering (FYRE) Program, Speak Justice Take Action (SJTA) Program, and our Trans* Leadership Development (TLI*) program to advance key reproductive justice issues facing the South.

SPARK’s mission is to build new leadership, change culture, and advance knowledge in Georgia and the South to ensure individuals and communities have resources and power to make sustainable and liberatory decisions about our bodies, gender, sexualities, and lives.

The Afiya Center, Dallas, TX

The Afiya Center’s Living Out Loud (LOL) project is building a contingency of new leaders and visionaries to participate in culturally affirming peer-to-peer mentoring, movement education and politics. The purpose is to amplify the voices of women living with HIV in the larger movement work. The Afiya Center will provide tools that will address the impact of stigma and isolation while creating a new contingency of leaders utilizing the rich and vibrant experience of women living with HIV building their skill base. They will also engage in voter mobilization. The project will support Black women on local Advisory Boards, the Ryan White Consumer Council and other decision-making bodies; both locally and nationally and providing them with tools to further enhance their leadership. Lastly, from the project there will be a continued contingency of Black women of color who are able to mentor other women.

The Afiya Center’s mission is to serve Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of reproductive oppression. We recognize that the reproductive justice framework is the driving force behind sexual and reproductive rights for Black women.

The Bros In Convo Initiative, Orlando, FL

The Bros in Convo’s project, “Strength Through Young Adults Living Empowered (S.T.Y.L.E.),” is an education series allowing young Black men who have sex with men living with HIV (YBMSM+) ages 18 -35 to discuss and engage in health education, HIV linkage, and HIV prevention services. The series will comprise of (12) monthly sessions will focus on a specified HIV-related topic and include evidence-informed activities, condom/lube distribution, HIV/STI testing, and linkage to HIV treatment services.

The mission of The Bros in Convo Initiative is to provide comprehensive, multicultural sexual health and wellness education and peer support that empowers, promotes, and protects the healthy well-being of young men of color.

The Counter Narrative Project, Atlanta, GA (regional)

The Counter Narrative Project’s (CNP) HIV and Social Justice focused program portfolio is led by and focused on Black gay men (BGM). Through the Southern HIV Impact Fund, CNP will deepen CNP’s Southern region work through the formation and maintenance of Southern advocacy chapters in GA, AL, TX, and TN; organize a policy advocacy summit with an emphasis on crystal meth as an HIV driver among BGM; organize simultaneous, multi-city Day of Action community mobilization days; expand their voter mobilization activities; and implement more art and culture driven responses to HIV, including the introduction of HIV movement history focused ‘Black Gay Mecca’ podcast, ATL HIV Film Series, and continuation of the Revolutionary Health video series.

The Counter Narrative Project (CNP) builds power among Black Gay Men (BGM) and works in solidarity and coalition with all movements committed to social and racial justice.

The Knights & Orchid Society Inc., Selma, AL

The Knights & Orchids Society (TKO) is a Southern-centered, grassroots organization founded and led by black, queer, trans, and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people supporting gender justice and LGBTQ visibility. Founded in 2012, TKO is focused on creating leaders and safe spaces that encourage sustainability and developmental solutions for their community. TKO offers programs and services in direct response to the growing number of LGBTQ folks who are having difficulty achieving transition goals, having issues with administrative staff at work/school, or having trouble finding supportive queer and trans spaces. Primary activities include the following: sexual health, LGBTQ health, and HIV intervention, prevention, and support programs for TGNC and LGBQ populations; the operation of LGBTQ community centers in multiple communities in Alabama, which include a Community Closet, computer lab, and other services; the provision of essential support services to LGBTQ Alabamians, including a food bank, mobile kitchen, and financial and interpersonal resources; training and education programs; and media outreach programs.

The Knights & Orchids Society (TKO) strives to build the power of the Transgenders, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Queer (TLBGQ) community for African Americans especially in rural areas of Alabama, to obtain our dream of justice and equality through group economics, education, leadership development, and organizing cultural work.

THRIVE SS, Atlanta, GA

THRIVE SS implements innovative solutions to improve support, advocacy, power building and linkage to HIV care. THRIVE has the largest network for Black same-gender-loving men living with HIV in the Southern U.S. and provides 24-hour support networks. THRIVE’s prevention arm, R3 Linkage program, is linking those newly diagnosed or who may have been lost to care. In addition to the various programs, THRIVE hosts over 100 events and engagements annually which include: a monthly open mic, community game night and a members only discussion which sees close to 70 attendees monthly. Another core element is THRIVE’s community enrichment space which is where members of THRIVE can come, host meetings, utilize the computer labs, clothing closet, food pantry or meditation space. THRIVE endeavors to support not just the condition but the whole person living with HIV.

THRIVE Support Services lessens disparity gaps by advocating and mobilizing to improve health equity for Black Same-Gender Loving (SGL) men living with HIV.

Transforming Hearts Collective, Durham, NC (Regional)

Transforming Hearts Collective provides direct services to queer and trans people, with a focus on trans people of color living with HIV in the South. Transforming Hearts uses a popular education approach to train people to understand and heal the effects of trauma in ourselves and our communities. Activities focus on supporting spaces where queer and trans people can access healing and resilience via community care offerings, including our Building Resilience project to resource trans people living with and impacted by HIV to recognize and heal the effects of trauma, and the Clearing, a spiritual community that centers the voices, leadership, and liberation of queer and trans people of color in North Carolina, and resourcing congregations to transform their culture to be one where queer and trans people of all races, classes, and abilities can get their spiritual needs met.

The mission of Transforming Hearts Collective is to support marginalized queer and trans people in surviving and thriving, with a particular focus on people of color and folks in the South. Our work is twofold: we resource queer and trans people to foster resilience and healing in creative ways, and we resource spiritual communities to be places of resilience and healing for queer and trans people of all races, classes, abilities, and ages.

Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE), Birmingham, AL

Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE) provides holistic care and services for transgender women of color (TWOC) community to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Birmingham, Alabama. TAKE develops transgender women as leaders, educators and outreach workers who reach out to the other transgender women to support basic needs, support safety, linkage to prevention and care. TAKE offers a drop-in center for transgender women to seek safety and community. TAKE offers legal name change services and amend birth certificates, life coaching, services for sex workers, crisis assistance funds, and a T-Girl boutique for their members to access clothing.

TAKE’s overall mission is to work together to improve the quality of life for Trans Women of Color (TWOC) by meeting needs and increasing accessibility. To fulfill, this primary mission, TAKE works to ensure that basic needs (ie food, clothing, safety and support) are recognized and addressed) and talents and abilities are nurtured.

TransLatina T Services Inc. (Arianna’s Center), Fort Lauderdale, FL

APRIL (Addressing Prevention Retention InCare LatinX) Leadership and Training Program is a project of TransLatina T Services, Inc. and designed for Latinx transgender women living in South Florida. TransLatina T Services will equip participants with tools to effectively educate people in positions of leadership with the intent to effect positive change and reduce stigma through a series of group trainings, special events and one on one coaching. TransLatina T Services will develop skills of their participants to effectively educate officials and to advocate for employment, housing and public services in Florida.

The mission: Arianna’s Center engages, empowers and lifts Up the trans Community of South Florida. We place a special emphasis on the most marginalized, including the trans latinx community, undocumented immigrant, people living with HIV/AIDS, and those that have experienced incarceration.

WeCareTn, Memphis, TN

A.L.O.T. (Active Living Openly Trans)

WeCareTn aligns their work with the goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. WeCareTn has support groups for transwomen of color monthly, a job readiness and healing justice program led by sex workers for current and former sex workers, a transwomen emergency fund program, and a transwomen incarcerated fund program.

The mission of WeCareTn is to support trans women of color through education, and empowerment, with the goal to ensure that transwomen of color have the same equity and quality of life as envisioned.

Western North Carolina AIDS Project, Asheville, NC

Access To Power

Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) will build on the successes of the 3 MIPA-centered programs with the enhancement of the Peer Navigator Program providing the most critical opportunity for improved health outcomes among people living with HIV. WNCAP provides HIV medical case management (MCM) services, prevention, education, STD/HIV/HCV testing, harm reduction services, a subsidized pharmacy program, client engagement opportunities to people living with HIV, and advocacy opportunities for clients, supporters and the community at large.

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project is dedicated to preventing new cases of HIV/AIDS and promoting self-sufficiency in people living with HIV. WNCAP provides HIV-related client support, prevention, education and advocacy activities guided by the belief that all people are entitled to equal access to health care and disease prevention.